I’m a Sound Designer and Music Producer with a strong interest in interactive media, functional Sound and soundscape design.

I’m driven by the idea of sound being an element of design like color, shape, image or typography.


Starting in the 90ties, recording my shitty Emo-band with a 4 track tape recorder, I discovered my love for digital sound when switching to my first Apple Macintosh in 1996, diving right into audio manipulation and (more or less) unconventional sound design.

During my studies in Digital Media at Hochschule Darmstadt from 2002 to 2006, I gained knowledge and experience in sound production, electronic music, cultural studies, sound art, sound communication and film.  

After 12 years with mainly commercial projects and a family year in 2018, taking care of our third child Ida, I’m going for a more diverse field from 2019 on, working with sound art, generative audio, composing and programming.